Support Group for Individuals Who Are in a Couple

What umbrella shelters you, as a couple? 

As the saying goes, “a relationship needs work.” Some choose to work on that relationship early on, some wait until they are hanging on the cliff of a break-up, while some wish they had the time and energy to work on it, but “life” always gets in the way. 

At the On Institute Association, we believe it is never too early nor too late to try to do things differently in a relationship, learn better ways to cope with difficulties, overcome barriers, or strengthen the connection to your partner. Just like an umbrella in a rainstorm, therapy is an effective tool for weathering life’s storms and nurturing deep, rewarding relationships.

Most people choose therapy when they find themselves at a crossroad or after an important life altering event. Some common reasons include debating staying or leaving their partner, taking the next step in the relationship, having troubles balancing different responsibilities such as work or parenthood and the relationship, or dealing with an infidelity episode. Whatever your reason is, the On Institute’s group therapy program can support you in expressing your feelings and needs, strengthening the relationship with your partner, and learning new coping mechanisms for your rainy days.

Why group therapy?

Learning through shared experience is powerful. Group therapy offers the benefit of knowing that others are also going through similar experiences, that you are not alone, that there are people out there who can understand you, relate to you, and support you. Being part of such a group also allows you to engage in paired exercises that would not be possible in individual therapy.

This group is specifically designed for individuals who wish to attend couples’ therapy, but are unable to because their partner is unavailable or unwilling. At On Institute, we believe that making a change in yourself will mirror in those around you. A relationship is like a system of interconnected wheels – if one wheel starts spinning, the whole system starts moving in that direction.

What will you learn?

The group sessions will combine discussions and theory with practical exercises on topics such as:

Is this right for me?

At On Institute, we believe in adapting the therapeutic process to the needs and particularities of each individual. Therefore, the facilitator will take the time to understand your interests and questions and will make sure to incorporate and address them during these sessions.

Together we will create space to listen to all the voices that want to be heard and will remain open to adapting the curriculum to include other topics of interest that may arise. In order to create this safe and open environment, we limit the number of group participants to 10.

When and where are the sessions?

What is the participation fee?

Who is the group facilitator?

Mihaela Balan is an individual, couple, and family psychotherapist, licensed by the College of Psychologists of Romania. She has 9 years of experience working with couples and families. She is extremely passionate about her work and rejoices in her clients’ every progress and realization. She has a master’s degree in psychological trauma and psychological assistance from the University of Bucharest and trained as a couple and family psychotherapist under the supervision of C.F.T.C.C.F (The Training and Therapy Center for Children, Couple and Family), member of the Romanian Psychotherapy Federation.  

This is an On Institute Association project. For more details about us, what we do, and our support groups, visit our website at Feel free to contact us on our Facebook page or by email at and we will happily answer any question or give you more information about the facilitator, our association, or the group, as the English version of the website is currently under construction.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

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